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The Breed

The Kunekune (coonie coonie) is a breed of pig originally kept by the Maori People of New Zealand. They were favoured by the Maori for their placid nature and tendency not to roam. They were highly valued for the quality of their meat and fat. The fat was often used for preserving food.

The appearance of the Kunekune is short legged with a round body, hence their name Kunekune, meaning 'fat and round', in the Maori language. 

They have a short upturned snout, a round dish shaped head, upright or semi lopped ears, and tassels or 'pire pire', which hang down from the lower jaw.

The coat can vary in colour and texture, and range from short and sleek to long, coarse and curly.

They come in a multitude of colors like brown, tan, ginger, black, white, gold, and cream Sometimes with random patches and spots.

The nature of this breed is sociable and placid. They love human interaction and will do anything for food or a good scratch.

The most important feature of the Kunekune is their ability to graze. Due to the short upturned snout, they can efficiently graze on a pasture with minimal damage. They fatten up quickly on grass, which in turn produces a delicious, unique tasting red pork which is well-marbled with a delicate, white tasty fat.

The Kunekune: The breed
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